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leg vein sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy has been around since the early Twentieth century, and has seen successful results in hundreds of thousands of patients.


Road maps are great when you need them, but not when you have those routes displayed on your legs. Sclerotherapy, or leg vein treatment, is the popular cosmetic technique used to reduce those red, purple, and blue “road maps” that can appear on your legs as you age. This technique is not used for large varicose veins, which often require surgical treatment, but is however extremely effective in reducing the appearance of spider veins.


How it works

A very small, sterile, sharp needle is used to inject a tiny amount of an irritating solution into the spider veins, which momentarily displaces the blood just long enough for the solution to damage the wall of the blood vessel…

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Over the following weeks, the vessel is slowly absorbed by the body and fades from view.The procedure is virtually pain-free other than a slight pricking sensation each time the needle is inserted, but burning or stinging is rare.

The average session only takes 15-25 minutes, depending upon the number of areas being treated. On average, four sclerotherapy sessions are required to provide optimum blood vessel absorbance. 

Smaller treatment areas may only require two sessions, while larger areas may require six, but during your consultation you can discuss this with the doctor, who will help you create a personalized treatment schedule.

It’s important to note that any varicose veins should be taken care of before spider veins are addressed, as they can impede your sclerotherapy results.


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Immediately after the procedure, you will experience some redness and possible bruising. It’s also quite normal for the treated veins to temporarily turn brown as they are reabsorbed. In order to help prevent the blood from trapping in those areas and browning, support hose are recommended for two weeks after each session.

It’s also possible to see a “blush” reaction in the treated areas for patients on estrogen supplements. Severe side effects such as infection, allergic reaction, open sores, or blood clotting are possible but extremely rare due to the safety measures and expertise you’ll experience here at Goodskin.


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Most patients who undergo sclerotherapy see significant results and improvement that last for years. New blood vessels can appear over time, but touch-up sessions can be performed at our Oregon office when necessary.
Other than wearing support hose for two weeks after sessions, you can return to normal activity within 24 hours of treatment. It can even be beneficial to walk right after the session.

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Become one of the hundreds of people who love their legs again through successful sclerotherapy!