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Full-Body Skin Evaluation

Maintaining healthy skin is important! We glance at our skin every day, but it isn’t until something becomes irritated or obvious that we become concerned. Self-examination of the skin is definitely the first line of defense. However, scheduling a full-body skin evaluation is a smart way to prevent small issues from becoming much more serious. By having a trained expert evaluate your skin, the chance of detecting a potentially dangerous condition is much greater. This allows for more efficient and effective treatment options.

What is a Full-Body Skin Evaluation?

A Full-Body Skin Evaluation, also known as a Skin Cancer Screening, is an appointment where a dermatology provider performs a visual examination of a patient’s skin from head to toeSometimes with the aid of a dermatoscope (an instrument that helps the provider see through different layers of skin), the provider will examine and note any areas of concern. Patients are encouraged to note any specific lesions that may be causing concern.

Providers will probably ask some additional questions regarding these spots. When did you first notice them? How long have you had them? Have they changed color or shape recently?

These are all normal questions that help a provider determine whether a lesion is benign. Alternatively, it might be something more serious, potentially requiring a biopsy to accurately diagnose.

FBSE Full-Body Skin Evaluation Skin Cancer Screening with Dermatascope
FBSE Full-Body Skin Evaluation Skin Cancer Screening

Why Is It Important?

There are many serious dangers associated with cancers of the skin. While most moles and spots are benign, occasionally these seemingly regular growths can end up being pre-cancerous or cancerous. Early detection and diagnosis of these spots is key in minimizing the health risks associated with skin cancer.

A provider trained in dermatology can help differentiate any suspicious looking moles or lesions from harmless or benign cosmetic issues. They will often perform a biopsy on any suspicious lesions to clarify a diagnosis. This will help determine the most effective treatment.

By scheduling a Full-Body Skin Evaluation, you can be sure any potential dangerous conditions are prioritized for treatment accordingly. Additional appointments can also be scheduled to effectively treat any remaining clinical conditions or cosmetic issues found during the exam.

What to Expect During a Full-Body Skin Evaluation?

Full-Body Skin Evaluations are painless preventative exams that are essential to good skin health. Here’s what you can expect during your FBSE:

  •  FBSE appointments are specifically designed for a provider to do a thorough visual examination of your skin. The goal of the appointment is to identify and discuss any areas of concern.
  • To ensure enough time to properly complete the exam, other conditions or procedures are not typically treated/performed during a FBSE appointment. Our schedulers are available to advise you on how to best schedule appointments to address other skin concerns.
  • The provider will note any suspicious areas on your skin, ask clarifying questions, and determine if further testing is necessary.
  • It is common for a provider to perform a biopsy on any suspicious lesions in order to confirm a diagnosis. You can read more about biopsies here. Biopsy results are usually returned within 7-10 days. A Goodskin Dermatology associate will contact you with results and any necessary follow-ups or recommended treatments.
  • Depending on the results of the exam, the provider will advise on when to schedule a future FBSE.