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GentleLASE® hair removal

Goodskin Dermatology has been proudly offering laser hair removal for over 20 years – the pain-free and long-term solution to unwanted hair.

Unwanted hair can be frustrating, especially if you have delicate or sensitive skin that’s easily susceptible to razor burn, dryness, or other irritation.

Shaving takes time and patience, chemical hair removers can burn and smell, and waxing, tweezing, and electrolysis can be painful and wallet-draining time after time. 

The Candela GentleLASE® laser works much the same as our other laser treatments.

The laser is tailor-made to target certain substances that will absorb its light color and wavelength.

To remove hair, this laser targets melanin, the brown pigment around the root of the hair, and disables the hair growth, leaving your skin smoother and silkier than ever.

With each pulse, the GentleLase® applies a cool burst of air to protect the skin and reduce any stinging sensation.

If desired, patients can choose to come to treatment a few minutes early to apply a mild topical numbing ointment for more comfort.

Every GentleLASE® pulse treats about a dime-sized area of hairs. It can safely remove hair from many areas, including the back, shoulders, arms, legs, face, and neck.
It’s important to note that this laser works by targeting melanin and is specially adjusted to target the melanin of the hair rather than that of the skin.
Patients who have darker skin can still experience effective hair removal and smoother skin, but total success is less common and takes much longer than it does for those with lighter skin and darker hair, due to the way the laser technology works.



Immediately after the session, a cooling gel is applied to the treated areas, and you don’t have to worry about any recovery time.

The doctor may suggest a specialized skin care regimen or product line to help increase the effectiveness of the laser treatments.

Special sun protection is always recommended after any laser treatment, as tanning can reduce the treatment effectiveness.

The number of laser treatments required for full effectiveness varies from person to person depending upon the depth of the hair follicles and the lightness or darkness of both the skin and the hair.

The treatment difficulty can also vary depending upon the area of treatment, as hair follicles can differ in different areas of the body.

There are usually some hairs that will grow back after each treatment due to different growth cycles of different hair follicles.

This is why multiple treatments are necessary for full treatment of all hairs in the target areas.

During your hair removal consultation, we will discuss with you the probable number of treatment sessions to fit your individual hair removal desires.

Lose unwanted hair without the hassle or the irritation with GentleLASE® laser hair removal at our Portland area office.